Our Services

Microsoft Technologies

Our comprehensive suite of services drives benefits to your business. Tap into automation and leverage modern technology to create impressive software and move business growth with a fluid and scalable development stack.

Data analytics, application development, integration, and management are not once done and never touched again. They need to be constantly looked after, honed, and perfected to ensure the smooth functioning of your business. TruCloud is sensitive to this fact and has all the tools and resources necessary to ensure that your tech stack never falls into oblivion with ever-evolving technologies.

Solidify your technology footprint, empower your employees with efficient tools, and reduce costs with process automation using our best-in-class suite of services.

Core Services

Cloud Solutions

Leverage our expertise in implementing and managing cloud architecture, including platforms like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. Cloud computing offers incredible speed, power, and performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional server infrastructure.

Data and Analytics

Capitalize on your business data to gain deeper insights and make data-driven actions through robust business intelligence reporting dashboards. Get a 360-degree enterprise-wide view and make informed decisions promptly.

CRM - SalesForce

Track customers and leads, keep your sales team organized and find new opportunities to sell, profit, gain customer insights and grow your business with the powerful Salesforce CRM platform.

Other Services

IT Consulting and Staff Augmentation

Resources when you need them! Upscale and Upskill your current technology team with our IT staff-augmentation services that help you reduce costs and developmental risks. Fly through product development processes, scale quickly, and flexibly and get your product to market faster. Our expert teams can hit the ground running and deliver improved productivity from day 1.


Knowledge is power. Get a competitive advantage in the world of modern tech while driving profitability by filling in knowledge gaps while enhancing the technical skill sets by IT Training Services of your existing workforce. Arm your technology team with the latest technologies like advanced knowledge on cloud computing, business intelligence, and big data, agile methodologies, and more.

Data Management

Understand your customers better by leveraging integrated and automated Data Analytics Services from TruCloud providing profound insights and saving you effort, time, and money. Our data architects are masters at data governance, MDM (Master Data Management), Big Data, and database administration. Gain a single source of truth and dynamic insights.

ETL and Data Warehouse

Integrate your data to gain unified views. Scale your data pipelines linearly while handling any volume and speed of data. TruCloud ensures that your data warehouse meets your business objectives. From business intelligence to data governance, we can help you build a sustainable data infrastructure that works.

Software Development

Whatever be the technology, our IT experts can provide software development support using industry-leading open-source tools and platforms. Our team is standing by to support you from new web apps to integrations, updates, and more.

Business Intelligence and
Data Virtualization

Take a deeper dive into your business data and gain in-depth data views from a high-level overview bird’s eye view of your business performance. Make data-driven decisions along with consolidated analytics that paints the complete picture about your business while driving cost savings and improving performance.