IT Staff Augmentation Services

Flexible IT staffing

Do you want to Add Expert IT Resources to Deliver Your Projects Smoothly?

IT Staff Augmentation Services from TruCloud Technologies can provide the expert skillsets you need to meet your IT project needs. We help fill skill gaps in your current teams and ensure your information technology initiatives stay on track and align with your business needs. With our IT Staff Augmentation Services from TruCloud. you can

  • Access top-notch certified IT professionals, including
    1. IT Architects
    2. Project Managers (PMP/Agile Certified)
    3. Business Analysts
    4. Software Developers, IT Infrastructure Specialists, and more.
    5. Quality Assurance, Automation and Manual Testing Resources.
  • Get critical technical skills for your IT operations when you need them.
  • Benefit from our proven industry best practices and delivery processes – recruiting lifecycle assignment management, onboarding, and offboarding.
  • Anywhere x Anytime support for your IT operations.

Project Delivery

Making your project successful needs a varied and talented team.  Please choose from our pool of IT experts at TruCloud to deliver projects successfully.

  • IT Architects: Whatever be your IT environment Cloud or On-premises, our technologist architects will work with your leadership, and IT teams to design optimal solutions and integrations for your applications.
  • Project Managers: Our project managers are certified in PMP/ Agile and have industry experience working across multiple domains and handling complex projects for Cloud migrations, Enterprise applications, and more.
  • Business Analysts: Our experienced business analysts help define your to-be from the as-is and recommend the best solutions with a view to future scalability, enabling you to stay on top of your technology operations proactively.
  • Software Developers: Our developer pool has a diverse skill set that caters to web and mobile apps or integrations and can provide required programming skillsets.

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

Our talent pool spans emerging technology experts in Cloud Solutions, Data and Analytics, enterprise products like Salesforce, and Data management, among others. We deliver quality services through the best practices in Staff augmentation arena. Benefits include:

  • Faster hiring: Skip posting jobs, market hunt for suitable candidates, and multiple rounds of interviews.
  • Getting the Right Fit: Whether you are looking for a temporary or permanent placement, we match you with the right skills and one who fits into the culture of your organization.
  • Leverage the TruCloud IT Professionals network: We process your needs, match talent, and find the right fit every time.
  • Skillset variety: We can set up a whole project team for you with rapid ramp-up from or vast resource pool that includes – Technical architects, project managers, business analysts, software developers, network specialists, application and product specialists, and IT support services staff, including Quality Assurance.
  • Flexibility to ramp-up or ramp-down resources on need: Add as many resources as possible you need and scale down when you do not need them with flexible options from TruCloud.
  • Senior Expertise: Nothing beats experience, and we strongly believe in that when we offer senior talent with plenty of industry experience when you need them.

How do we efficiently do team augmentation ?

1. Define your requirements:

We work on understanding your requirements, expectations, and project goals. Beyond that, we look into precisely what our clients seek in terms of technical, soft skills, and experience. Our experienced team optimizes our selection process from day one.

2. Qualifying candidates:

Our experienced team leverages our resource pool with their skill matching expertise and pre-qualify candidates, and you may have a list of candidates in days instead of weeks.

3. Interviews and background checks:

Our pre-qualified candidates go through two rounds of in-house interviews. We ensure clear background checks and validate the candidate’s communication skills, language fluency, soft skills, and ability to work in a team.

4. Present the top candidates:

Besides the CV, we also present a review report explaining why specific candidates are shortlisted, and we schedule interviews with clients. Once a candidate is approved, we are ready for onboarding!

5. Integrating new team members:

We help in onboarding the new team members and help clients with our proven effective and quick approach to get the new joiners productive right away, so they hit the ground running. Our clients get early ROI and improved productivity.

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