IT Training Services

As experts in cloud technology, IT, software development, and much more, our team of IT consultants is always standing by to provide the expert training your business needs to succeed. From general training on data security and best practices for your whole staff to specialized workshops and training for your IT team, we do it all.

Training for IT Specialists

Whether you’ve recently made changes to your IT systems, you’ve hired new IT staff, or you want to build the knowledge and capabilities of your IT team, TruCloud Technologies is here to help.

We work with businesses of all sizes to deliver specialized IT training on various subjects – from cloud computing to data analytics, IT best practices, and more. Get in touch to discuss your needs and see how we TruCloud Technologies can improve your IT team’s knowledge, efficiency, and capabilities.

Corporate Training

We offer corporate IT training on various subjects, including how to avoid phishing and other common cyber-attacks, best practices for data backups and storage, and other such topics that can help your entire organization protect their data work more efficiently adapt to the digital age.

In-House Training

We provide a wide variety of in-house training courses and classes for U.S. citizens and Green Card holders, college and graduate school students, and those seeking U.S. visas such as H1b, H4-EAD, GC-EAD, L2-EAD, and TN visas.

We have an in-house lab complete with SUN, HP, Linux, AID, and SAN servers, a library and video library, free accommodation for students, and live projects during the training and technical support for during on projects. We also offer resume preparation services and mock interviews. Our current lineup of in-house training courses includes:

  • Cloud Technologies: AWS, MS Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Java Based Technologies
  • Microsoft Based Technologies
  • BI (Business Analytics) Tools
  • ETL (Extract, Transform, And Load) And DW (Data Warehousing) Tools
  • Salesforce and associated programs

Our training facility is located at 6800 Weiskopf Avenue, Suite 150, McKinney, TX 75070. Interested students may contact Trucloud Technologies online or by phone at (832) 496-5735 for more information.